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Source: flowmachine/features/utilities/

Classes that deal with finding a list of locations for subscribers. Note these classes return multiple locations for each subscriber, and therefore do not represent a single home location for each subscribers. Mostly they are not used directly, but are called by dailylocations objects, although they can be.

Class MultiLocation

Source: flowmachine/features/utilities/

Abstract base class for any class that involves stitching together multiple daily locations (or similar). The class object takes a start and stop datetime, and optionally a list of daily locations objects and returns a day-dated list of locations of each subscriber. This will be the first location in the event of a tie. Subscribers are guaranteed to have a Day Trajectory if they appear in any of the daily_locs objects.


  • daily_locations: optional list of flowmachine.daily_location objects, list

    to use for calculation.