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Class FlowmachineServerConfig

FlowmachineServerConfig(port: int, debug_mode: bool, store_dependencies: bool, cache_pruning_frequency: int, cache_pruning_timeout: int, server_thread_pool: concurrent.futures.thread.ThreadPoolExecutor)
Source: flowmachine/core/server/

A namedtuple for passing server config options within the Flowmachine server.


  • port: int

    Port on which to listen for messages

  • debug_mode: bool

    True to enable asyncio's debugging mode

  • store_dependencies: bool

    If True, store a query's dependencies when running the query

  • cache_pruning_frequency: int

    Number of seconds to wait between cache shrinks (if negative, no shrinks will ever be done).

  • cache_pruning_timeout: int

    Maximum number of seconds to wait for a cache pruning operation to complete.

  • server_thread_pool: concurrent.futures.thread.ThreadPoolExecutor

    Server's threadpool for managing blocking tasks


get_env_as_bool(env_var: str) -> bool
Source: flowmachine/core/server/

Return a boolean true if the named env var is set to 'true' with any casing, and return False if it is set to anything else or not set at all.


  • env_var: str

    Name of the environment variable


  • bool


get_server_config() -> flowmachine.core.server.server_config.FlowmachineServerConfig
Source: flowmachine/core/server/

Read config options from environment variables.


  • flowmachine.core.server.server_config.FlowmachineServerConfig

    A namedtuple containing the config options